Autumn in the garden 2022: 15-16 October in Donigala Fenughedu (Oristano)

The first autumn edition of the spring gardening event will take place on the weekend of 15 and 16 October next in Donigala Fenughedu (Oristano), which in March brings together all the passionate Sardinian gardeners, and not only.
The new headquarters found an enthusiastic welcome at the Ros’e mari farm and greenhouse, born with an adventurous spirit and creative resourcefulness from a suggestive nursery that had been abandoned for twenty years, in which abandoned plants have grown freely, creating a sort of spontaneous garden.

Autumn in the garden is the twentieth appointment that brings the air of renewal to Sardinia on how to design, manage, make the Mediterranean garden sustainable and is a unique opportunity to offer Sardinians the best choice of plants for amateurs, proposed by qualified nurseries of all Italy.
At the moment, more than 30 nurseries specialized in Mediterranean shrubs, collections of citrus fruits, bougainvilleas, roses and oleanders, aromatic, herbaceous perennials, fruit trees, bonsai, orchids, tillandsias have joined. A magnificent international choice is represented by the cacti and succulents of the “exhibition within the exhibition” entitled Kaktos, which for years has represented a great and festive meeting place for Sardinian cactophiles.

Provocative theme of the year is “A snake in the garden … how could we live together?” The theme will meander – it must be said! – in various initiatives. The greek landscape architect Thomas Doxiadis, who heads a design studio in Athens, will be the guiding thread in the international symposium that will occupy the whole morning of Saturday 15 October and to which the Greek landscape architect Thomas Doxiadis has agreed to participate (unfortunately remotely, for professional commitments) prestigious and avant-garde in the Mediterranean area.
The theme will also recur in the workshop on Friday afternoon, curated by the Sinis Terrae cultural association, which provides for the meeting of architecture students with the internationally renowned architect Luciano Pia and the architect Valentina Serra of the Polytechnic of Turin, on traditional houses and their bioclimatization through the use of plants. Various exhibitions are scheduled: of botanical painting by Marina Virdis, of bonsai art by the Bonsai Club of Sardinia, of collectible poultry, rare and endemic plants of Sardinia from the Botanical Garden of Cagliari.

Autumn in the garden will also be much more: showcase for institutions and companies on the island, workshops for school groups and children, many small meetings and conversations at the stand of the Landplants Sardinia association, which organizes the event with the first-person commitment of the landscape architect Leo Minniti and the nurseryman Italo Vacca, who twenty years ago started an event at their home, in Milis, which today is considered a leading event in the panorama of national gardening market exhibitions.


Autumn in the garden – 15-16 October from 9.00 to 18.00

Ros’ e Mari Farm and Greenhouse
Locality Pauli Cannedu, Donigala Fenughedu, Oristano
Info: tel. Italo Vacca 393 904 0081
facebook: primaveraingiardino
Daily admission to the event will be allowed with the purchase of a plant from Ros’e Mari Greenhouse and farm at a cost of € 5.00. It will not apply to children under 18.

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