“Spring in the Garden”: the XXI edition on 11 and 12 March in Donigala Fenughedu (OR)

Increasingly important nationally and internationally and eagerly awaited by green designers and Mediterranean gardeners, returns to Sardinia on the weekend of 11 and 12 March next event “Spring in the Garden”.
Entrusted for the organization to the Landplants Sardinia Association, for two decades it has made use of the expertise and enthusiasm of the nurseryman Italo Vacca and the landscape architect Leo Minniti di Milis. The event was born right in their garden-nursery and now, by now considered a leading event in the panorama of Italian gardening market exhibitions, it moves permanently to the gates of Oristano.

The twentieth edition of last October, which was also a “test” edition of the new one location, nurserymen and visitors agreed: Ros’e mari Farm & Greenhouse is a place magical and convenient to reach in the center of the island. They excite His new rose garden, succulents, Mediterranean and subtropical shrubs born in some of the inactive greenhouses for a twenty years old and now without glass, his refined restaurant satisfies gourmets with the great open kitchen, the reborn greenhouses where vegetables are grown, the greenhouses, are equally astounding transformed into a green living room and those that still tell the jungle of trees and lianas that are take possession of the place left abandoned for too long.

The exhibitors – several dozen specialized nurserymen from all over Italy and some from abroad – once again they will bring the best of their plants to Sardinia, with important collections of Mediterranean shrubs, citrus fruits, bougainvilleas, roses and oleanders, herbs, herbaceous perennials, trees fruit trees, bonsai, orchids, tillandsias and rare plants that are difficult to find on the national market. The theme of the year “To do everything … you need a tree! Towards a new coexistence between men and trees” will be present in many ways over the course of the two days, but above all it will guide the interventions of the international symposium on Saturday 11 March on topics related to the design, protection and management of green areas in the Mediterranean environment. Among others, Francesco Ferrini, professor of arboriculture at the University of Florence, Luciano Pia, an internationally renowned architect from Turin, Romina Deriu, sociologist and researcher at the University of Sassari, joined as speakers.

The Salotto Verde program is busy with the presentation of books on the subject, practical workshops on care and multiplication of trees, meetings with scholars and master gardeners such as the master gardener Carlo Pagani, who will join this event from Bologna for the first time. In the the afternoon of Saturday 11 March the new rose garden of Villagrande Strisaili (NU) will be presented a curated by the landscape architect Maurizio Usai from Cagliari. The rose garden will welcome the vast collection of varieties of Sergio Scudu, appreciated nurseryman and Sardinian rose expert in Tor San Lorenzo (Rome), prematurely passed away in 2020.

As has become tradition, Spring in the garden will also reserve an area for Kaktos this year, detached section of the most authoritative exhibition of cacti and succulents in Italy (Festa del Cactus which takes place every year in Bologna in September). The event attracts visitors and collectors from all over Sardinia, also for the opportunity to meet specialized nurserymen from all over Europe and buy rare specimens from them. This year, in addition to the now highly anticipated producers of cacti and succulents (including the bizarre Dutchman who opens a suitcase and there is a world inside of rarities) the Ayahoya nursery from Palermo will be present in Kaktos for the first time with a extraordinary collection of hundreds of species and varieties of wax flowers (Hoya).

And since “a tree is the slow explosion of a seed” as Bruno Munari wrote, much a Spring in the garden will also be done in this twenty-first edition to start children, seeds of tomorrow’s society, knowledge of nature and respect for the environment. Games, construction of objects, recognition of wood and seeds, herbarium, naturalistic observations will entertain the little guests.

Finally, to complete the program at Ros’e Mari Farm & Greenhouse there is a suggestive and precious bonsai exhibition in collaboration with the Bonsai Club of Sardinia, art exhibitions and nature, an exhibition of garden and courtyard animals of rare breeds of the Sardinian Association Ornamental poultry.

The insatiable and the most curious will also find much more, from tasting Sardinian wines at aperitif time, at the “Cena dei fiori” on Saturday evening prepared by the chefs of the Ros’e restaurant seas, up to the green traces that “Spring in the garden” will leave in the territory in March oristanese. Among all in Cabras, Sunday 12 March 2023, in collaboration with the Association Cultural Sinis Terrae and Limòlo House a meeting in a raw earth house with the architect Luciano Pia, the sociologist Romina Deriu and university students on the role of plants in efficiency energy of traditional houses.

Comment Italo Vacca and Leo Minniti, satisfied with the program and with the membership so far found: “Spring in the garden” brings to Sardinia the air of renewal on how to design, manage, make the Mediterranean garden sustainable and is a unique opportunity to offer Sardinians the best choice of plants for amateurs, proposed by qualified nurseries throughout Italy. We are proud of help grow the culture of the garden in our island and make it known for its innovative ferments”


“Spring in the Garden” Primavera in Giardino – XXI edition
When: 11 and 12 March 2023 from 9.00 to 18.00.
Daily access by purchasing one seedling of Agricola Rosmarino for €5.00.
Children up to 15 years old do not pay.
Where: Ros ‘e Mari Farm and Greenhouse, Località Pauli Cannedu, Donigala Fenughedu, Oristano
Bar and restaurant: there are several refreshment points; to have lunch in the restaurant you need the reservation at no. 351 5838866
Complete program and exhibitors list: on facebook primaveraingiardino and ros’e mari farm & greenhouse

Further information: Italo Vacca mobile 393 904 0081



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