Orticolario 2023: In the sense of water

The Orticolario 2023 edition will be held September 28 to October 1, 2023 at Villa Erba in Cernobbio on Lake Como and will be dedicated to plants for a sustainable garden, while the theme will be Water Landscape. A journey against the tide
to recover an authentic and profound awareness.


The Water Landscape is understood both as a natural context and as an urban scenario, which contemplates the presence of parks and gardens with fountains and pools. During the four days of the event, visitors will walk down into the darkness of a lake or in the silence of a karstic river, and then up, up to the irrepressible foaming of the waves.
Orticolario 2023 will be a counter-current journey in the vital Water Landscape towards which man has lost an inner, profound awareness, authentic. «The ancestral relationship between man and water is a complicity as ancient as it is intimate – comments Anna Rapisarda, curator of the event. The history of water and its landscape coincides with the history of the world and is the sense of belonging places to shape their own behaviours».



During Orticolario 2023 different aspects will be explored, from the hygrophilous vegetation of water gardens to xerophilous of dry gardens, with low water requirements and low maintenance, in which the plants resist the scarcity or lack of water. Apparently opposite aspects but which, in reality, represent the union between water and nature, both by enhancing real water gardens, and gardens with water features, and their opposite, or rather gardens attentive to water consumption and sustainability. «From aquatic ecosystems to totally dry ones, each plant has a special relationship with water – explains Mario Mariani of the Central Park nursery, botany expert in the Compagnia dei Pensatori di Orticolario.
The event will delve into the depth of this link, moving from water lilies to cacti and showcasing the different habitats in which plants live». The event will therefore be an opportunity to make the general public aware of the centrality of the water element in the landscape and to raise awareness of its careful and conscious use.

Orticolario 2023
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28 September – 1 October 2023 Villa Erba, Cernobbio (CO), on Lake Como

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