Orticolario 2023: Unveiled the XIII edition

Orticolario 2023 which, from Thursday 28 September to Sunday 1 October in the park of Villa Erba, in Cernobbio (CO), on Lake Como, focuses on the value of water, a very topical, but extremely complex theme due to the innumerable perspectives from which can be considered. And he decided to do it his way: going against the tide, provoking, creating culture; investigating the ancestral relationship between man and water and the indissoluble relationship between water and nature.
As? Through its purest essence: the proposals of the exhibitors, the projects and installations, the play-educational workshops for children and a rich and articulated cultural programme.


The coordinates are well defined: the title is “In the sense of water”, the theme is the “Water landscape”, while the protagonist plants are those for a sustainable garden.
The thirteenth edition thus presents itself as an original journey in the vital Water Landscape towards which man has lost an authentic awareness: the history of water and its landscape coincides with the history of the world and is the sense of belonging to places to shape their own behaviors.
From aquatic to totally dry ecosystems, every plant has a special relationship with water. Orticolario 2023 immerses itself, guiding us, into the depth of this bond, passing from water lilies to cacti and showcasing the different habitats in which plants live.
More infos: https://orticolario.it/orticolario-2023-nel-senso-dellacqua/


The Orticolario “poster” is crystal clear: it is a journey around nature, between gardening, landscape, art and design, all elements that contribute to tickle a certain sensibility, to create an evolved idea of the garden, which can be inside and outside the house walls. Orticolario is not just a garden show, nor even a market exhibition, it is above all a cultural and artistic event for the culture of the landscape that generates a virtuous circle with the aim
charitable: the cultural activities staged at Villa Erba are carried out precisely through the “Amici di Orticolario” Fund which then donates contributions to social projects of five associations in the Como area. These same associations are
in turn actively engaged in Orticolario.
More infos: https://orticolario.it/orticolario-per/


Orticolario has always celebrated the mix of art, design and nature, transmitting a concept of garden that can go beyond conceptual barriers. And it is precisely the lack of limits and boundaries that led to the choice of the guest of honour, who was awarded the 2023 “For an Evolved Gardening” prize: Antonio Marras. Stylist, designer, artist with a great ability to “feel” the different realities around him, the mingling of cinema, music, art, dance, theater and nature, experimenting and exploring new forms of expression.
Thanks to his profound sensitivity, and pioneer in dusting off ancient processes, Marras promotes environmental and social sustainability, creating works of art through fashion and collaboration with contemporary artists. A philosophy that fits perfectly with that of Orticolario.


The openness to experimentation is also present in the Central Pavilion, piazza di Orticolario, where the “Tecnogoccia” project by Tiziano Pedrazzoli of TiEvent highlights the vital importance of water without wasting a drop. From there, you enter the exhibition center and the installations in the park, inspired by the theme of the year and selected through the “Spazi Creativi” International Competition: the winner is awarded the “Golden Leaf of Lake Como” prize.
In the park, “III WWW: World War Water”, the evocative and provocative installation by garden designer Mirco Colzani: stylistic and botanical choices that, playing on the edge of provocation, do not want to give an apocalyptic response to the great ecological issues of our times, but rather lead to reflection and the search for solutions, instilling hope.
Also noteworthy is “Tritoniade”, the installation curated by Water Nursery with its plants in the Carpe Pond: rustic and tropical water lilies, lotus flowers, marsh plants, papyrus, colocasias, including unique specimens in Europe, make up a scenario that invites you to dedicate time to yourself.


Not to forget the wide range of rare, unusual and collector’s plants proposed by selected national and international nurserymen, as well as artistic crafts.
And again art and design installations (in particular the “DehOr. Design your horizon” project, exhibition and relaxation areas created by designers), the program of cultural meetings and educational-creative workshops for children.
Detailed information on Orticolario 2023 on the continuously updated website:
http://orticolario.it/category/visitatore/ and https://orticolario.it/categorie/notizie/


Orticolario is an excellent starting point for a weekend on Lake Como, decidedly suggestive in autumn. And the most glamorous way to reach the event is by lake: a journey through the landscape of the first basin, up to the landing in the park, directly on the Villa Erba jetty. The shuttle boat service from Como (included in the cost of the ticket) is active on Saturday 30 September and Sunday 1 October.
More infos: https://orticolario.it/in-battello/

On the hospitality front, moreover, in Cernobbio and its surroundings there is truly an embarrassment of
choice: from the most exclusive hotels in period villas to b&b for all budgets.

Important note: this year the ticket can be purchased both online and at the on-site ticket offices.
The online ticket office opens on June 24th.
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Over 270 exhibitors involved
More than 2,500 children in 2022
Over 300,000 contributions donated to associations over the years


Orticolario 2023
28 September-1 October 2023 Villa Erba, Cernobbio (CO),
on Lake Como

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