It can happen, walking through woods or isolated countryside, to run into abandoned ruins for years that belonged to our grandparents and, over time, nobody thought to cure or simply because of the real estate crisis, they could not find new owners . If the houses and the annexed structures have managed to preserve themselves partially despite the force of atmospheric agents, different fate often touches flowers and plants that, naturally and without human help, grow undisturbed, giving flowers and incredible growth away from the attentive eyes of meticulous gardeners. 

Did you think your hydrangeas were the most beautiful and big in the whole neighborhood? To think that those who put them home dozens of years ago perhaps did not imagine that one day they would become like that, even though no one had taken care of them. Except mother nature of course. The shadow and the rain, obviously, are more than enough to give them such beauty and greatness! 

The seeds of hollyhock (Alcea rosea) that you have planted in the garden, still does not yield the desired results? Here’s how he solved nature: between an abandoned shed and the garden, they grow undisturbed and very high, without anyone being able to touch them or undermine their peace. Colors sprout everywhere and reach the sky. 

Where the land is lacking, time has left everything dry. Of the past and of the stories there are only the forms, the memories and the colors of the time that was. But the perfumes, between half-open shutters and walls peeling with humidity, remain alive and strong. Indelible over time.

From our country we move a little further, precisely to the Poltava region in Ukraine. This small house surrounded by greenery, now abandoned and dilapidated, as well as having a splendid wood and some now dry saplings, also has lots of purple heather flowers in front of it.

Not even these peonies seem to want to give up a single centimeter of their splendor despite the passing of time and, despite the fact that the house in which they were planted is now in full decline. They look a lot like the hydrangeas of the first house above which, lying at the edges of the building, seem to have found a safe place to grow undisturbed.

This is the essence of abandonment and the proof that flowers and plants can live and become beautiful without human help … The picture speaks for itself.

From one country to another without the flowers changing too much. If we found peonies in a couple of houses, heather in one, now it’s again an immense hydrangea bush appearing in an abandoned ruin in the Basque Country, Spain. Undoubtedly a very fertile area, observing all the greenery that comes out from the roof of the house. Who knows what will be around there yet to be discovered?

With this image we stay in Spain but we move to one of the islands. In Gran Canaria, in front of a crumbling wooden door and in a garden left to itself, green plants and very colorful flowers seem to want to take over the space left abandoned by the old owners.

From a flaking and moldy wall hang brightly colored flowers. We are in Lisbon in Portugal and this is what remains of abandonment and decay.       To report abandoned houses with flower gardens, write us here, we will be happy to tell other places.Share the article