Orticolario 2022: unveiled the twelfth edition

The title is “Groncioli di fiaba”, the theme is the “Fiaba” and the protagonist plant is Bamboo.
In addition to these three certainties, also the one that Orticolario will be back in attendance from 29 September to 2 October 2022 at Villa Carlotta in Cernobbio (CO), on Lake Como.
Orticolario is a journey around nature, including gardening, landscape, art and design. Orticolario is not just a garden show, much less an exhibition-market, it is above all a cultural and artistic event for the culture of the landscape that generates a virtuous circle with beneficial purposes.

The guest of honor

This year the guest of honor will be Chantal Colleu-Dumond, director of the fairytale Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire, in the Loire Valley, France, and her Festival International des Jardins, an internationally renowned event that welcomes landscape architects and garden designers from all continents.
She will be awarded the “For an Advanced Gardening” 2022 award.

The projects

If the theme is the fairy tale, the central and starting point of Orticolario will be the Central Pavilion, which houses the installation “Reincarnation- Circulation of life. The birth of Kaguya Hime ”, signed by the landscape architect Japanese Satoru Tabata. | | 園 三 Enzo is inspired by the oldest history of Japan, that of Kaguya Hime.
From there, you enter the exhibition center and the installations in the park, inspired by the theme of the year and selected through the international competition “Creative Spaces”: the winner is awarded the “Golden Leaf of Lake Como” award.

Plants, art and design

Do not miss the wide range of rare, unusual and collectible plants proposed by selected national and international nurserymen, as well as artistic crafts. And still art and design installations (in particular the “DehOr. Design your horizon” project, exhibition and relaxation areas created by designers).
How can we forget the program of cultural meetings and educational-creative workshops for children? Rich and varied, Orticolario confirms as the event dedicated to the culture of beauty. Detailed information on Orticolario 2022 on the continuously updated website: http://orticolario.it/category/visitatore/

A day at Orticolario

Orticolario is an excellent starting point for a weekend on Lake Como, definitely suggestive in autumn. And the most glamorous way to reach the event is by lake: a journey through the landscape of the first basin, up to the landing in the park, directly on the jetty of Villa Erba. The shuttle boat service from Como (included in the cost of the ticket) is active on Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 October ( Info : https://orticolario.it/in-battello/ )
On the hospitality front, moreover, in Cernobbio and its surroundings there is truly spoiled for choice: from the most exclusive hotels in period villas to b & bs for all budgets.

Important note: this year the ticket can only be purchased online.

Orticolario in short

YACHT & GARDEN 2022: from 20 to 22 May in Genoa the exhibition-market dedicated to the Mediterranean garden

From Friday 20 to Sunday 22 May 2022 the exhibition-market dedicated to the Mediterranean garden returns to Marina Genova.
There will be over 140 specialized nurseries and qualified exhibitors on the theme of nature, from all over Italy. The program of collateral events is wide and varied to disseminate the culture of greenery and the sea, under the banner of environmental protection and sustainability.

Strolling between piers and quays, transformed for the occasion into a wonderful flower garden on the sea, gardening and nature enthusiasts will find essences and flowers suitable for the Mediterranean climate: annual, biennial and flowering perennials, berry trees and shrubs, cactaceae and succulent plants, aromatic and medicinal plants, fruit and vegetable plants, citrus and small fruits, without forgetting particularities such as ancient fruits or rare seeds.
Numerous appointments are also planned with specialized nurserymen from all over Italy to receive valuable advice on specific crops.

Program and events
  • On Friday 20 May the Azienda Agricola L’Antico Fiore (Nettuno, Rome) will explain how to recognize and grow geraniums and pelargoniums, while the Azienda Agricola D’Aleo Giovanni (San Giuseppe Jato, Palermo) will discuss how to choose among the most beautiful varieties of passionflower.

  • Saturday 21 May it will be possible to discover the wonderful intertwining of roses and clematis, together with the Vivaio Fiorichiari (San Pietro Mosezzo, Novara); the delicate beauty and sweet scent of hoya, the “wax flowers”, curated by HoyaMia (Gattico-Veruno, Novara); tillandsia and the unusual world of air plants, with Florovivaistica Villacidro (Villacidro, Cagliari); aquatic plants together with Colla Vivai (Moretta, Cuneo), up to all the secrets for creating a bonsai, by Green Express Bonsai (San Maurizio Canavese, Turin).
  • Sunday 22 May will be dedicated to biodiversity, with the “Pomona di Gallesio, ancient fruits recovered”, together with Vivai Montina (Cisano sul Neva, Savona), to the world of cut roses with the writer and gardenteller Nicoletta Campanella and the creator of roses Antonio Marchese (Sanremo, Imperia), up to Sicilian capers and aromatic herbs by the Azienda Agricola Aromatiche ClaGia (Sciacca, Agrigento), concluding with insights on carnivorous plants, the most fascinating vegetable predators, together with the Stranger Plants (Fumane , Verona), and on cymbidiums and other orchids, with the Azienda Agricola Sei Cime d’Oro Orchidee (Cernusco sul Naviglio, Milan), which will reveal how to obtain spectacular blooms.

Around the theme of the garden and nature, Yacht & Garden also offers furniture and antiques, garden equipment, vases and baskets, floral and marine clothing, bags and hats, jewelery and costume jewelery, organic food and cosmetics, books, magazines and meetings with associations.

To the walk among the Mediterranean colors and scents, where you can look for the news and the best green purchases, Yacht & Garden also combines a rich program of collateral events, organized thanks to the collaboration with important partners and institutions, with the aim of promoting the culture of greenery and the sea, in the name of environmental protection and sustainability. Meetings, exhibitions, music, dance and itinerant theater will involve visitors throughout the weekend, with a series of events dedicated to children, including workshops, shows and entertainment.

To act as a prestigious and evocative setting for the fourteenth edition of Yacht & Garden, renewing the encounter between the beauty of greenery and the sea, there will also be some of the most beautiful vintage sails of the Mediterranean that will remain moored, guests of honor in Marina Genoa, during the entire event.

Curated by Daniela Cavallaro and promoted by S.S.P. Società Sviluppo Porti Srl, Yacht & Garden is one of the most anticipated national events in the sector, with a focus on the Mediterranean garden and with over 140 exhibitors among the most qualified in Italy. Marina Genova confirms itself once again as a lively, safe, welcoming meeting place in the west of Genoa and a gateway to the excellence of the entire Ligurian territory.

Where, how and when


market-exhibition of flowers and plants from the Mediterranean garden

Friday 20 (2pm – 7pm), Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd May 2022 (10am – 7pm)

Marina Genova

Via Pionieri e Aviatori d’Italia

16154 Genova

Admission to the event, parking and participation in collateral events are free.


May is the month of roses: on May 6, 2022 the gardens of the Quistini Castle reopen

Starting from Friday 6 May until early June, the gardens of Castello Quistini will reopen to the public, a magical place that is the setting for numerous events and courses. On the occasion of the spectacular flowering of over 1000 varieties of roses, a calendar of openings has been planned, offering the possibility of free visits and guided tours in the labyrinth of roses admiring the unique architecture and atmosphere of this much loved Franciacorta jewel.
For those taking part in the guided tours there is a tour entitled “Among roses, history and legend” where, accompanied by Marco Mazza, you will be guided to discover the numerous botanical curiosities of the garden without neglecting moments dedicated to the history and architecture of the building.
The garden is also a nursery specializing in ancient, modern and English roses, so whoever wants to can buy and take home a small part of the castle green treasure, as a reminder of a special day immersed in the greenery. Visits are limited and reservations are required using the form you find on the website www.castelloquistini.com.

Rose al Castello Quistini

The rose labyrinth of Castello Quistini consists of three large concentric circles composed exclusively of roses, with a gazebo in the center covered with a splendid single-flowering climbing rose (Banksiae Alba and Banksiae Alba Plena). The three circles are in turn divided into four circular sectors that tell the story of the roses: at your entrance the first plants are wrinkled roses (hybrid and spontaneous) in the direction of the gazebo, crossing four bushes of modern ground cover roses. On the right, the modern roses, while on the opposite there are the ancient roses. In the southern sector (towards the nursery the English roses of David Austin), up to the arch covered with a beautiful old rose named Alfred Carriere.

Within the calendar of events on the website there are numerous theoretical and practical workshops open to all and with a limited number on the topic of craftsmanship and green living with real experts in the sector. For example, you can learn how to make terrariums or learn how to make a clay pot or learn about famous Japanese art techniques.

Spello’s infiorate are back on 18-19 June 2022

The Corpus Domini infiorate will return thanks to an anti-covid safety and prevention plan that will soon be presented.
All this, for now, is made possible thanks to the decisions taken in a recent meeting between the board of directors of the association of infioratori, some local authorities and the parish priest of the Collegiate Church of Santa Maria Maggiore and San Lorenzo di Spello.

The security plan should provide for an online booking system that regulates access to the infiorate and allows anyone coming from the rest of Italy to book the entrance to attend the infiorate in full compliance with current regulations.
In addition to about two thousand clubs, thousands of tourists arrive from all over Italy to attend the event and, guaranteeing the right amount of safety in such a particular period, while allowing such an important event to take place, becomes essential.

Orticola 2022: everything you need to know about the 25th edition of the Milanese market exhibition

Orticola returns in its historical guise on the second weekend of May, bringing with it a fundamental message for human well-being and health.
Plants, flowers and gardens are a primary good for man as well as constant contact with nature.

Walking in a park or in a wood, cultivating a vegetable garden, working in the garden and staying connected with plants are all actions that help develop and maintain constant psycho-physical well-being.
Orticola’s goal is to reach anyone, showing once again that the benefits of plants and nature are innumerable and available to everyone.
In a world that increasingly leads us to move away from greenery, increasing our pace, the level of stress, for example, staying in contact with plants can help us live better.

25 years of Orticola in short

The first edition of Orticola dates back to 1866 and was held in the hall of Palazzo Dugnani, one year after its foundation.
The first edition in Palestro in what have become today the gardens named after Indro Montanelli is dated 1996.
From the 37 exhibitors of the edition at the end of the 90s, we have reached 160 of this edition, without counting the numerous initiatives that, over time, have alternated and have enriched the Milanese market exhibition. We can remember, for example, the Grape garden, that of the Butterflies or the Garden of Fabrics in 2006, up to the Flower Gardens born in 2011.

Peony Orticola Milan

Roberto Gamoletti, author of ‘Orticola Milano’ has been dealing with the hybridization of peonies at an amateur level for 25 years and has been a member of the American Peony Society since 2000 where he has registered, to date, ten hybrids, seven of which are shrubs.
From the passion for peony and gardening, very particular hybridizations and colors were born, including the Peony Orticola Milano, a herbaceous hybrid, early flowering with semi-double flowers, slightly scented.
The plant can reach a height of 76 cm and saw its first flowering in 2014, about seven years after the seeds germinated.
Since 2017, the subsequent multiplications and selections have been followed and operated by the G&G Buffa nursery in Poirino in the province of Turin.

The Nymphaea thermarum in Orticola

Only for this edition Orticola will host a unique rarity all over the world. This is Nymphaea thermarum, an aquatic plant in Rwanda with a very special history. The Nymphaea thermarum lived in a small spring which, due to the exploitation of the waters, has disappeared.
Only thanks to the restoration of some seeds and the great work of Carlos Magdalena, a botanist from Kew Gardens in London, was it possible to save this unique plant from extinction.
Water Nursery, a Latina nursery specializing in aquatic plants and engaged in the research, cultivation and conservation of ‘native’ and endangered plants, will bring Nymphaea thermarum to Orticola.
NT is a difficult plant to cultivate and, given its rare characteristics, it can only be grown indoors with the right conditions.
It is not for sale but will be a gift for the association’s collection, as well as for the Botanical Gardens

The other plants of Orticola

The Marrubium friwaldskyanum, exhibited in the Cascina Bollate stand, is part of the typical flora of Bulgaria.
It is a species considered in danger of extinction and inserted within the protected areas of the European ecological network ‘Natura2000’. Anthurium luxurians is a particularly rare Anthurium, but in May will be present at Orticola!
Plant that Plant, located near Malmö in Sweden, will present an initiative linked to the benefits of indoor plants, in particular to some species that are particularly suitable for growing in the home.
Philodendron, Anthurium and Monstera, are the most used to decorate rooms, as some can adapt to the lack of lighting and humidity in the air. Monstera obliqua, immortalized in the 2022 image by Orticola, is a species of the Araceae family, native to Trinidad and tropical central and southern America. Like other plants of the genus Monstera, this species is an epiphytic climber (that is, it grows on another plant, from which, however, it does not derive nourishment, as well as numerous orchids). Its inflorescences become bright yellow.

Orticola per Milano

For 25 years, Orticola di Lombardia, a non-profit association, has donated the proceeds from the organization of the exhibition market to the city green; in particular, following the agreement with the Municipality of Milan, a part is intended for the Indro Montanelli Public Gardens and, in particular, for the arrangement and care of the Cerbiatti Flowerbed in front of the Civic Museum of Natural History. At the Perego Garden, in via dei Giardini, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance activities continue, as well as the growth, care and maintenance of “L’Altra Pergola.
Homage to Leonardo “, the mulberry pergola, just like the one depicted in the fresco by Leonardo da Vinci, realized in life-size in the Cortile delle Armi of the Castello Sforzesco da Orticola di Lombardia in 2019, on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the master’s death. Orticola’s commitment is also aimed at maintaining the Garden of the Royal Palace where, on an old parking lot, an oasis for a pleasant stop in the heart of the city was born. Other initiatives carried out by the Association in favor of the city, are the management of the Entrance Court of the Gallery of Modern Art. In recent years Orticola di Lombardia has also redeveloped the external perimeter, which opens onto the portico, of the courtyard of Palazzo Dugnani, with the creation of a back on which wisteria climb, while the gate has been covered with roses.
The Flower Gardens of CityLife are always active in Viale Eginardo, built over an area of ​​approximately 3000 square meters. Another project is the Ceresio Investments teak benches around the city. For some years Ceresio Investments has been a corporate partner of Orticola di Lombardia and has given away numerous benches to Milan, which are positioned in the Milanese public gardens, to find the benches just turn around the city and look around.

The free courses of Orticola

Around the exhibition-market, some spaces for gardening courses dedicated to adults and children. The calendar of events will be updated on the official website of orticola.org

All info for visitors

exhibition-market of flowers, plants and unusual, rare and ancient fruits
from Thursday 5th Mayfrom 14.00 to 18.30
Friday 6 May, Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 May 2022 from 9.30 to 19.30
at the Indro Montanelli Public Gardens in Milan Entrances from via Palestro, piazza Cavour and Palazzo Dugnani via Manin 2

The purchase of tickets is exclusively online on the orticola.org and midaticket.it sites. Tickets are available for purchase at a cost of € 12.00.


The 2022 season of flower shows starts again

The “Flower Show”, a national circuit of exhibitions-market of rare and unusual plants, returns again this year in spring and autumn to color various Italian locations, bringing culture and knowledge of botany and gardening to each city that hosts it. quality.
Born in 2008 with the “Perugia Flower Show”, this successful, young and dynamic format has never stopped growing and after the creation of the autumn edition, again in the Umbrian capital, it has moved over the years to other cities such as Ancona, Arezzo , Modica and Florence.

In each of its editions, the “Flower Show” hosts the best national collectors and producers of rare and unusual botanical varieties, collections of plants that cannot be found except in this type of appointment: from lesser known species of roses to perennials, hydrangeas, botanical orchids, camellias, azaleas, collections of citrus fruits, cacti and succulent plants, centuries-old specimens of bonsai, aquatic plants, pelargonium, Mediterranean, bulbs, carnivores, tillandsias, aromatic plants and much more.
The big news of the 2022 edition of Perugia Flower Show is the change of location: the Perugia event will be hosted by the beautiful Barton Park, the pride of the city for its innovation and careful attention to greenery

There are not only botanical wonders, the charm of the exhibition is completed by a section dedicated to outdoor and indoor furniture, combined with the highest quality craftsmanship and professional gardening equipment but also food and wine excellence and wellness products, in short, everything that is inextricably linked to the world of nature and outdoor living.

The Flower Show is not only this, the strength and distinctive mark of the event is the attention to the cultural aspect, to the dissemination of the culture of greenery in the city that hosts it: meetings with the leading experts in the sector, gardening courses held by exhibitors themselves, fun educational activities for children, seminars and scientific laboratories.
The training of the public is very important in every edition because the audience to which the event is addressed is very wide: from those who have never studied the themes of horticulture and botany, curious, new enthusiasts to those who are more experienced and seek in this type of event the opportunity to consolidate their bases and the opportunity to meet the most renowned names in the sector.

Where, how, when

Firenze Flower Show – 9 and 10 April 2022– Giardino Corsini, via della Scala, 115 – Firenze;

Perugia Flower Show – Spring Edition – 21 and 22 May 2022 – Barton Park, viale Giuseppe Meazza, 21 – Perugia;

Perugia Flower Show – Winter Edition – 17 and 18 September 2022 – Barton Park, viale Giuseppe Meazza, 21 – Perugia;

Info: www.flowershow.it
Firenze: www.firenzeflowershow.com
Perugia: www.perugiaflowershow.com

Euroflora 2022: from 23 April to 8 May the Genoese floral event returns

Euroflora in Genoa is back from 23 April to 8 May, a place of extraordinary landscape, botanical and artistic interest. Founded in 1966 and now in its twelfth edition, Euroflora is organized by Porto Antico di Genova, promoted by the Municipality of Genoa in collaboration with the Region and the Chamber of Commerce of Genoa.


The park project

The park project is based on a geometric principle formed by ellipses and circular shapes created to integrate new paths with those existing in the Nervi Parks. All this will be enriched by exhibition areas and an important element such as water. 16 fountains will be an integral part of the project with patches of vegetation and trees typical of Genoese parks.

The Green Market

The Green Market is the shopping area where visitors can buy plants and flowers. You can find it upstream of Parco Gropallo, near the gate of the main exit

The sustainability project

In the 2022 edition of Euroflora, the path taken in 2018 will continue. Where possible, we will continue with the commitment to reduce the use of plastics and derivatives in outfitting.
As regards the use of public transport to reach the event, the use of the train and public transport which had the majority share in the previous edition will continue to be promoted.
Parking spaces for the disabled will in any case be available near the parks.

Timetables, info and tickets

Euroflora will be open to the public from Saturday 23 April to Sunday 8 May from 8.30 to 19.00. Tickets, which will be sold in a limited number, will be on sale on the official website:

My plant&Garden 2022:everything you need to know about the Milanese international green expo

Myplant&Garden is back from 23 to 25 February 2022, the Milanese international green expo.
Lively green, flowers, cut, machinery, design and landscape, pots, nutrients and seeds, services, decorations and accessories are the main macro-sectors around which the event develops.
Almost 700 brands on display transform the FieraMilano-Rho pavilions into a gigantic greenhouse of four and a half hectares dedicated to every moment, aspect, opportunity, vision and innovation of green-living. From laboratory research to the most advanced services, from the most traditional proposals to the most modern productions, the plant world, materials, projects, knowledge, science and creativity will be present in the new edition of the International Green Exhibition. At the service of collective well-being, the culture of greenery and commercial channels.

To date, there are 115 official delegations of international buyers from 30 countries, especially from Europe, the main outlet market for Italian products (84% of exports), the Mediterranean basin and the Middle East (emerging market).
The presence of large distribution brands (Garden Center chains, GD, DIY, Home & Garden, e-commerce), of well-known names of Real Estate, of the Public Administration, of municipal technicians (Environment, Green, Public Works sectors)
), the management of parks, gardens, historic houses, botanical gardens, sports clubs and associations, hotel chains, universities, and thousands of operators in the supply chains.

Green connection

attrezzi da giardino

The best productions, the most important brands, the protagonists of the market and the culture of greenery meet at Myplant to confront each other in a marathon of meetings and activate new synergies. Dozens of in-depth and comparison appointments, many of which in collaboration with the Orders and the main representatives, leagues, professional associations, trade confederations. The calendar of events dedicated to green sports, tree-climbing landscape, fashion shooting, floral demonstrations, exhibitions, weddings, points of sale, motorgarden, design, construction, innovation and trends is very rich.

Among the curiosities in Myplant, the treeclimbing trials of the lumberjacks, the gardening demonstrations, the contests with the world masters of floral decoration, the oldest fruits and the most recent innovations, settings for wedding ceremonies, new botanical hybridizations, garden centers of the future, secular olive trees and mammoth bonsai, rivers of blooms and monumental cacti, organic and eco-sustainable productions, smart gardens for the home, equipment for vegetable gardens and gardens, eco machinery and wi-fi for the care of greenery, new patented plant species, clouds of tillandsia, hydroponics and aeroponics, vertical greenery for interior design, traceability and product safety, outdoor flooring with high durability even in hostile and high-performance environments, soil stabilizers, bio-accelerators and plant growth propagators, eco-sustainable and biodegradable pots, herbs and cactaceae, new accessories and equipment for points of sale …

The Myplant pavilions

Pavilion 20

Pavillon 20 is an invitation to grasp the potential of an increasingly necessary synergy between the world of green architecture, urban planning, supply and maintenance of greenery, be it sports, public, private and hospitality.
This is the sense of the continuity of the spaces between the major brands of the green supply chains – motor garden, trees, lawns, outdoor products, construction materials … -, the participation of professional studios, the area dedicated to meetings on the project, the landscape and sport. From living green to infrastructures, from regulations to supplies, the Sports Green becomes the heart of institutional and commercial relations of a fundamental sector for the economy of the entire country.
The Landscape Area offers visitors product previews, innovative materials, quality projects, special initiatives, meetings with key players from the world of business and architecture, PP.AA. and delegations looking for customers, suppliers, services, ideas and solutions.
Urban Green Management is the section reserved for the management and implementation of green and naturalistic heritage (agro-engineering, agronomy, phytopathology, enhancement, programming, diagnostics, survey, sharing of orders …). UGM is made up of the best entrepreneurial and associative realities with complementary skills, engaged in the same sector

Pavillon 16

Inside the pavilion there is a huge range of horticultural and horticultural products (from herbs to indoor plants, from bonsai to cactaceae, from succulents to green coatings, from fruit plants to trees …), services for markets and businesses ( logistics, software, graphics, printing, distribution …), of vases and containers (from nurseries, shops, domestic, outdoor and urban furnishings, of every shape and material, with a large presence of recycled and recyclable materials), of the technique in general, from substrates to nutrients, to solutions anti-parasitic.

Outdoor area pavilions 16-12 - Demo Area

In addition to the important showcase inside Pavillon 20, an outdoor testing area is reserved for the motorgarden, tools and equipment sector between the Pavillons. 12 and 16 by Formazione 3T.


Pavillon 12

Pavillon 12 – introduced by an installation by Bloom’s Accadamey – Patrizia Di Braida Floral & Event Designer with Italian flowers supplied by AFFI – Associazione Floricoltori e Fioristi Italiani – presents a double tour: on the one hand the world of flowers and decoration from which related activities branch off; on the other, technology, greenery and accessories. The Décor District is the lively arena of floral and botanical decoration and creativity, venue for contests, shooting, laboratories, debates and workshops with the great masters of floral decoration, floral design ateliers, international collectives, industry trendsetters. As a side dish, the very important product offer for professionals of the flower and decoration market.
The other part of the pavilion is reserved for a wide and large selection of horticultural, floral and nursery proposals from Italy and the world, where the product offer is divided between greenery, accessories and an increasingly complete review of products and solutions for the protection and yield of productions (both for soils and for plants – from pesticides to pesticides to pesticides, nutrients with fertilizers, fertilizers, substrates, soils …).
Here you will find the set-up dedicated to the garden outlets of the future: Garden Center New Trend, particularly innovative in terms of concept, set-up,
product and thematic contents – with a range of exhibition, commercial and service proposals for Gds and the world of distribution. There will also be an important competition initiative by FIORItales, the new multi-channel publishing project resulting from the collaboration between Myplant and the Green Laboratory Editions dedicated to professional flower communities. A B2B project that sees the constant growth of attention from florists and decorators.

The special initiatives

Partner of Myplant for the 2022 edition, PANTONE® presents a preview of the spring / summer 2023 color collections based on the new Metaverse palette, a source of inspiration for the entire Décor District.

“The partnership with PANTONE®, which will be present at the fair, offers the international community a new way of conceiving floral decoration, giving space to creativity and beauty by intercepting the next color trends from the most authoritative source on a global level. Over the next few years, the unprecedented palette presented at Myplant will become a central element of inspiration for the colors, the formal, aesthetic and emotional suggestions it arouses “.

Within the Décor District, international trendsetters from the world of floral decoration, fashion and wedding will offer their exclusive interpretation of the new trends. Exhibitions, flower-fashion shows, debates and workshops will investigate the Metaverse, accompanying experts, operators, academies and visitors on an unprecedented journey into the colors of the future and into the future of colors.

My plant Tech

It is the connection point between research, businesses and markets, aimed at promoting the world of innovation in the green supply chain sectors, aimed at Green Business & Innovation Technology. Real and virtual exhibition space, it will highlight technologies, research and experiments to discuss the issues of Ecological Transition in the fields of cultivation, gardening and landscape, in an area characterized by high interactivity, with live demonstrations and dedicated workshops.
Faced with the current and forthcoming challenges that are now essential for the whole world, the green supply chains have many arguments to develop: from phytopathological protection of the land to policies to combat climate change, from water saving solutions to the use of carbon-based equipment. free energy, from the development of bio-architecture, high-yield greenhouses, hydroponics and aeroponics to the contribution in favor of environmental sustainability, from the drive to chemical and genetic research to the constant study of new hybridizations to the incentive for the circular economy, from biofertilizers to precision agriculture, from the protection of biodiversity to food safety, from the natural fight against fine dust and pollution in general.
A list of things, visions and predictions that it requires to be able to be analyzed continuously. “What Myplant intends to activate with MyplantTech is a place where specific and sectoral knowledge and skills meet, cross and fertilize each other, in the name of a broader vision and a long-term horizon. By producing concrete, tangible, verifiable, salable and affordable innovation. “


Sky farm

During the fair, the winner of the I Giardini di Myplant (5th ed) creative design competition called Sky Farm will be announced. The theme of the competition, promoted by Myplant in collaboration with the Minoprio Foundation and SATAC SIINQ and coordinated by arch. Umberto Andolfato (AIAPP), was the design of a vegetable garden (Sky Farm) on a portion of the roof of the newly designed destination center Caselle Open Mall (COM), located in Caselle Torinese (TO) near Turin international airport Sandro Pertini.
The aim of the competition was the conception of a large green roof area (project area size: 3,900 square meters) equipped with educational, multisensory, rehabilitation and convivial paths, contemplating the presence of traditional and automated ground garden gardens and transparent structures for hydroponics, aeroponics and aquaponics.


Horticulture, green management, construction and landscape, garden retail, sports green, technological innovations, decoration and flowers, greenery and health: these or macro-themes that will be explored in the very rich program of conferences, meetings, workshops and meetings at Myplant 2022.
The large green community of experts, operators, technicians, associations, orders, companies and institutions returns with pride and safety to the pavilions of FieraMilano Rho.

Myplant 2022: a unique wealth of knowledge available to all representatives of the vegetable and built green supply chains.
Discover the constantly updated program of meetings on the Myplant website:

Where, how, when

Fiera Milano Rho Pero 
February 23-25, 2022

Orticolario 2022: the event on Lake Como is back in attendance

The event dedicated to landscape and nature returns to its original form, in attendance, in the park of Villa Erba, on Lake Como, from 29 September to 2 October. The title of the twelfth edition is “Groncioli di fiaba”, the theme is the fairy tale, while the plant is Bamboo.

Cernobbio (CO), February 14, 2022 – “We don’t need magic for change the world: we already have within us all the power we have need, we have the power to imagine things better than they are ”.
Orticolario borrows the words of the British writer J.K. Rowling to build her reality. As? With all the imagination she is capable of, after two years, she turns the page again by organizing the twelfth edition in attendance, from 29 September to 2 October in the park of Villa Erba, in Cernobbio (CO), on Lake Como.

To give even more value to the return to its original form, it draws on the deepest sources of inventiveness. Here, then, is the title of Orticolario 2022, “Groncioli di fiaba”: in the Tuscan vocabulary the groncioli are the pieces of leftover bread; therefore, the title of the event evokes puddles of pure, uncontaminated, imaginary nourishment. Precious squat, which save from the hunger for fantasy, and which need to be saved, preserved. The theme and the plan of the year follow this concept: the first is the Fairy Tale, the second is Bamboo.

The fairy tale, the theme

From the dawn of time the fairy tale has walked, walked… From one place to another, from memory to memory, from word of mouth. It lives in narration and in listening, it tells the soul of peoples, the flow of existence and its truths, but it is at the same time the territory of the marvelous, where anything can happen. In the initiatory journey of the fairy tale, the landscape – from the forest to the garden – is the scene of events and the creator of metamorphosis, a space where nature, portal towards the supernatural, tells of its ancient relationship with man. “The fairy tale is the mirror that reflects the deepest part of each of us – says Anna Rapisarda, curator of Orticolario. The powerfully intimate and personal freedom to “wear” its meaning allows us to feel it as our own. In the belief that it is not just a question of listening, but of perception “

Bamboo, the plant

When you enter the world of bamboo, you find yourself between dwarfs of a few centimeters to giants up to 40 meters. In Asia, Europe, America and Africa, their people live from sea level to mountain and grow with incredible speed. From an ancient mystery guarded in flowering, to false myths and to the truths, new and old stories echo among the bamboo leaves and canes.
“Bamboo is an extraordinary plant, a grass around which, in Italy, there is misinformation and prejudice – underlines Moritz Mantero, president of the event. It is a plant to be rediscovered, to be enhanced. It is used from the sprouts to the cane and can be used in various ways: as a weaver I also recognize the main role of bamboo as a producer of fiber. It also boasts an incredible number of varieties and various properties, first of all a great ability to purify the air “.

Notes Orticolario

Orticolario, now in its twelfth edition, is the cultural event dedicated to those who experience nature as a lifestyle. Theater of the event is the botanical park of Villa Erba in Cernobbio (CO), a nineteenth-century residence overlooking the shores of Lake Como, the childhood summer residence of director Luchino Visconti. A distinctive feature of the event is the proposal of thematic gardens and artistic installations inspired by the theme of the year, among which the creations of the selected in the international competition “Creative Spaces” stand out.
The event, which in 2019 touched the threshold of 30,000 visitors, is enriched by a wide range of rare, unusual and collectible plants, artistic crafts and design with more than 290 rigorously selected exhibitors, a full calendar of meetings and numerous didactic-creative workshops for children, as well as performances, film screenings in the dungeons of the Villa Antica and floral shows. At the center of the exhibition, art, capable of going further and breaking down the boundaries between inside and outside. During the three days of the event and for the rest of the year, contributions are collected for the Amici di Orticolario Fund, which supports projects for the promotion of landscape culture and for five charitable associations in the area. The next edition will take place from 29 September to 2 October 2022

Orticolario in short

29 September-2 October 2022 Villa Erba, Cernobbio (CO), on Lake Como

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Parco Giardino Sigurtà 2021: everything you need to know about the second most beautiful garden in Europe.

After the temporary closure due to health restrictions, the gates of the Parco Giardino Sigurtà finally reopen, a green treasure on the outskirts of Verona: from Friday 23 April it will be possible to discover in complete safety in the 600,000 square meters of the Park the late varieties of tulips, the first peonies and the other botanical and naturalistic treasures of the Second Most Beautiful Park in Europe.

Every day, including holidays, until Sunday 7 November 2021, nature lovers will be able to admire the meadows, woods and blossoms of the Park, awarded in 2020 as the best destination by Trip Advisor and by the Tiqets ticket sales platform as among the attractions tourists who have given the best experiences in 2020.

For the smaller stages, the Didactic Farm and the Fallow Deer Valley are not to be missed, while for adults a walk on the Large Grassy Carpet restores body and mind with the Koi carp that dart in the two Flowering Ponds; do not miss the Labyrinth, a point of interest that celebrates 10 years in July, the 18 mirrors of water, the Viale delle Rose which leads with your eyes to the thirteenth-century Scaliger Castle; in these weeks it will be possible to see the first colorful peonies in the vicinity of the Hermitage and the late varieties of tulips, protagonists of Tulipanomania, the most important flowering of tulips in Italy with over a million specimens in free form and in designed flower beds.

For a journey into the past, don’t miss a stop at the Castelletto, a crenellated building with neo-Gothic windows dating back to the end of the eighteenth century and in the past decades, the venue for meetings between scientists and Nobel Laureates, and the Hermitage, neo-Gothic-style temple adorned with a mullioned window. overlooks the spectacular view of the Great Lawn; the Bosco di Pindemonte, the monument dedicated to Carlo Sigurtà, founder of the Park, the Horizontal Sundial on the Poggio degli Imperatori, the latter meeting place between the emperors Franz Joseph I of Austria and Napoleon III of France on the occasion of the Second War of ‘Italian Independence.

Visitors’ entrances will not be restricted and reservations are not required. The Park’s social media are always updated with news, photos, videos and insights:



For more informations:



There are many ways to discover the wonders of the Second Most Beautiful Park in Europe: on foot, aboard the panoramic train, with bicycles or electric golf-carts. And for a tasty break in the countryside, there are kiosks or picnic areas.

How to visit

The Parco Giardino Sigurtà can be visited on foot, by bicycle (with your own without additional costs to the entrance ticket, or by renting an electric or classic bike from the renting service inside the Park), on board the panoramic train for a complete tour with voice guide of the 6 km itinerary, or on the comfortable electric golf-carts equipped with a GPS satellite detection system with descriptive cards of the most interesting points of the Garden available in four languages. These services allow a visit in comfort and safety, thanks also to the extension of the Park, 600,000 square meters equivalent to 120 football fields.

The catering service

The park hosts five refreshment points spread over the two wide hills. In our kiosks you can have breakfast, a tasty break or a simple lunch with snacks, sandwiches, focaccia, pizzas, delicious ice creams and coffee. The Park offers top quality products and has been collaborating for many years with highly experienced suppliers, winners of national awards.

The opening of some refreshment points may vary depending on the period, therefore we recommend that you check at your entrance to the ticket office which kiosks will be open during the day (the opening of at least one refreshment point is always guaranteed). Special picnic areas have been set up near the kiosks to comfortably consume both what you buy from the bar and your packed lunch. Traditional picnics with tables, chairs, barbecues, lighting fires etc. are not allowed in the Park, but it is possible, respecting the environment and other visitors, to have a packed lunch on a blanket placed on the lawn.

The Park loves the environment and for this reason the materials you will find in the bars are biodegradable and designed with respect for nature.

The Sigurtà Restaurant is open for lunch every day of the seasonal opening of the Sigurtà Garden Park, it is located 300 meters from the main entrance of the Park, in via Cavour 42 – Valeggio s / M.

Due to recent events, the restaurant has changed its opening days, therefore we recommend calling to check the current status. The restaurant offers special fixed price menus and creates the opportunity to savor traditional local dishes. It is possible to taste the Valeggio meat tortellino, traditional cold cuts, tasty focaccia, hot and cold first courses (including the famous pumpkin tortelli), fresh salads for the summer period, main courses typical of these places, without forgetting the desserts among including the “sbrisolona”, typical of Mantuan cuisine. Undoubtedly the most characteristic dish is the Tortellino di Valeggio: prepared with a sheet of fresh egg pasta pulled to make it very thin. Inside it is kept a dough with a delicate aroma which is then wrapped in the characteristic shape of the tortellino, first folding them in half and then joining the opposite edges.

The dish is served, as usual, with butter and sage to enhance the aromas of the filling. You can take advantage of the convenience of free parking in front of the building, and free WiFi connection. For groups and tour operators, the restaurant offers discounted rates (by reservation): for more information, please send an email request to the address  gruppi@sigurta.it