YACHT & GARDEN 2022: from 20 to 22 May in Genoa the exhibition-market dedicated to the Mediterranean garden

From Friday 20 to Sunday 22 May 2022 the exhibition-market dedicated to the Mediterranean garden returns to Marina Genova.
There will be over 140 specialized nurseries and qualified exhibitors on the theme of nature, from all over Italy. The program of collateral events is wide and varied to disseminate the culture of greenery and the sea, under the banner of environmental protection and sustainability.

Strolling between piers and quays, transformed for the occasion into a wonderful flower garden on the sea, gardening and nature enthusiasts will find essences and flowers suitable for the Mediterranean climate: annual, biennial and flowering perennials, berry trees and shrubs, cactaceae and succulent plants, aromatic and medicinal plants, fruit and vegetable plants, citrus and small fruits, without forgetting particularities such as ancient fruits or rare seeds.
Numerous appointments are also planned with specialized nurserymen from all over Italy to receive valuable advice on specific crops.

Program and events
  • On Friday 20 May the Azienda Agricola L’Antico Fiore (Nettuno, Rome) will explain how to recognize and grow geraniums and pelargoniums, while the Azienda Agricola D’Aleo Giovanni (San Giuseppe Jato, Palermo) will discuss how to choose among the most beautiful varieties of passionflower.

  • Saturday 21 May it will be possible to discover the wonderful intertwining of roses and clematis, together with the Vivaio Fiorichiari (San Pietro Mosezzo, Novara); the delicate beauty and sweet scent of hoya, the “wax flowers”, curated by HoyaMia (Gattico-Veruno, Novara); tillandsia and the unusual world of air plants, with Florovivaistica Villacidro (Villacidro, Cagliari); aquatic plants together with Colla Vivai (Moretta, Cuneo), up to all the secrets for creating a bonsai, by Green Express Bonsai (San Maurizio Canavese, Turin).
  • Sunday 22 May will be dedicated to biodiversity, with the “Pomona di Gallesio, ancient fruits recovered”, together with Vivai Montina (Cisano sul Neva, Savona), to the world of cut roses with the writer and gardenteller Nicoletta Campanella and the creator of roses Antonio Marchese (Sanremo, Imperia), up to Sicilian capers and aromatic herbs by the Azienda Agricola Aromatiche ClaGia (Sciacca, Agrigento), concluding with insights on carnivorous plants, the most fascinating vegetable predators, together with the Stranger Plants (Fumane , Verona), and on cymbidiums and other orchids, with the Azienda Agricola Sei Cime d’Oro Orchidee (Cernusco sul Naviglio, Milan), which will reveal how to obtain spectacular blooms.

Around the theme of the garden and nature, Yacht & Garden also offers furniture and antiques, garden equipment, vases and baskets, floral and marine clothing, bags and hats, jewelery and costume jewelery, organic food and cosmetics, books, magazines and meetings with associations.

To the walk among the Mediterranean colors and scents, where you can look for the news and the best green purchases, Yacht & Garden also combines a rich program of collateral events, organized thanks to the collaboration with important partners and institutions, with the aim of promoting the culture of greenery and the sea, in the name of environmental protection and sustainability. Meetings, exhibitions, music, dance and itinerant theater will involve visitors throughout the weekend, with a series of events dedicated to children, including workshops, shows and entertainment.

To act as a prestigious and evocative setting for the fourteenth edition of Yacht & Garden, renewing the encounter between the beauty of greenery and the sea, there will also be some of the most beautiful vintage sails of the Mediterranean that will remain moored, guests of honor in Marina Genoa, during the entire event.

Curated by Daniela Cavallaro and promoted by S.S.P. Società Sviluppo Porti Srl, Yacht & Garden is one of the most anticipated national events in the sector, with a focus on the Mediterranean garden and with over 140 exhibitors among the most qualified in Italy. Marina Genova confirms itself once again as a lively, safe, welcoming meeting place in the west of Genoa and a gateway to the excellence of the entire Ligurian territory.

Where, how and when


market-exhibition of flowers and plants from the Mediterranean garden

Friday 20 (2pm – 7pm), Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd May 2022 (10am – 7pm)

Marina Genova

Via Pionieri e Aviatori d’Italia

16154 Genova

Admission to the event, parking and participation in collateral events are free.


Datura: the incredible Mediterranean flower that looks like a bell

I had never happened to see this flower. Until the other night, when, passing by a flower garden, it has not appeared before a filling of beautiful pink bells tree that caught my attention! With the usual curiosity, I started to kidnap all the beauty, trying to capture pictures as possible and unearth origins and name …

Datura is a plant of Asian and American origin whose name is derived from the Sanskrit Dathura.

It prefers mild climates and is divided into several different species both in size and by type of crop.


Datura requires relatively mild climates and does not tolerate frost too, for that matter, if you decide to cultivate, organize yourself so that it can be put in pots and be able to bring in heated in winter.

Its multiplication is done by spring sowing as regards the annual species, while for cuttings if you prefer perennials. The soil should be fresh and sandy so that this plant can drain and breathe more easily.