For several years now we have been telling and divulging everything we know and like to tell about plants, flowers, events, gardens and floral journeys. In recent months we have decided to do something more and to make our small contribution to the environment we all care about.

December 21, 2021

Leopardo delle nevi: adozione
certificato adozione

This Christmas we decided to give ourselves a new adoption. It is a snow leopard, one of the many endangered species.
With our adoption in favor of the projects of the WWF Italia, we received a precious gift with lots of information on this wonderful animal.
The snow leopard lives in Nepal and since 1997 its population has decreased by 20% due to the hunting it is persecuted due to its precious fur.
WWF and the International Show Leopard Trust are working on improving controls and managing the species.

  1. With our first adoption we instead “hugged” a one-year-old Tasmanian devil. After a couple of months of waiting, here are photos and documents attesting to the adoption of Ossie Pickett.

The Tasmanian devil is a carnivorous marsupial that you can only find in Tasmania.

The Tasmanian devil can only reproduce once a year and what endangers its species is a particular facial cancer which, in the 1990s, reduced its population by 85% .

Following this national emergency, a species protection program was established, of which the Devils @ Cradle sanctuary is also part.

The program is called “Save The Tazmanian Devil Program”. Tasmanian imps are currently considered endangered.

2.The documents arrived in digital form from New York, after the adoption of an Echinacea from High Line Gardens.
The certificate shows the approximate location of our plant.

Here, however, our article on these beautiful gardens.

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